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Simulacra and ritual converge through mixed media installations, video, and/or performance. How does gender, religion, equity, and prescription come together in rite and cycle? How do they reproduce in compressed units? How can consumption attempt an exorcism of imperialism while providing an antidote for a fragmented identity. It is the gradual acceptance of the colonizer’s culture to diminish its adverse effects; mithridatism in shades of a tropical sunset.

Simulacro y ritual se entrelazan a través de instalaciones en medios mixtos, video y performance. ¿Cómo se mezcla el género, la religión, la equidad y la medicina en rito y ciclo? ¿Cómo se reproducen en unidades comprimidas? ¿Cómo el consumo lleva al exorcismo del imperialismo y nos ofrece un antídoto para una identidad fragmentada? Es la aceptación gradual de la cultura del colonizador para minimizar los efectos secundarios; Mitradismo en matices de un atardecer tropical.


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Shey Rivera is a writer, multi-genre artist, performance curator, and arts manager.

Shey Rivera Ríos is the Artistic Director at AS220, an internationally renowned arts center in Providence, RI, and a multi-genre artist. Her work at AS220 focuses on the role of art and culture as a catalyst for social change through community engagement, cross-sector partnerships, and urban renewal. She is an active member of the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC) and the Alliance of Artist Communities. She was part of the founding team of Festival de la Palabra (2010), the largest literature festival in Puerto Rico. The same team reopened the Museum House Concha Melendez in San Juan and activated it with public programming as a hub for literary arts. Rivera completed a BA with double major in Psychology and Sociology in the University of Puerto Rico and coursework in the graduate program for Contemporary Media and Culture in the University of the Sacred Heart, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Rivera is committed to positive community development. She serves on Congressman Jim Langevin’s Art & Culture Advisory Committee, Mayor Elorza’s Art & Culture Transition Team, the Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy’s Advisory Committee, Sophia Academy’s Board of Directors, and Providence Cultural Equity Initiative’s Cultural Think Tank. 

Rivera has also served on multidisciplinary grant panels for the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA), NALAC, and Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA). She has been a guest speaker at Tulane University, University of Puerto Rico, RISD Museum, New Bedford Museum of Art, Congress of New Urbanism Summit in Providence, Community Development Summit in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia Mural Arts, NALAC’s Regional Workshops, Alliance of Artist Communities’ Annual Conferences, and AS220’s Immersion Workshop for Artists/Managers.

Notable artistic projects include:

LUNA LOBA, a four part performance series featuring female and gender neutral artists, in homage to the full moon. Curator, producer, and artist. Providence, RI. 2016.

La Minotauro. Immersive installation art piece & performance. 2015.

Latin American Artisan’s Fair (Feria de Artesanos), co-founder alongside poet Sussy Santana. Providence, RI. 2015.

Fluxus Moon Cabaret series in 2013, a four-part performance series featuring the work of 12-30 artists from diverse mediums. Launched alongside Jason Curzake and Sussy Santana. 2013-2014. The Fluxus Moon Cabaret: Shapeshifter, a shorter and more intimate version was produced twice in 2014: The Blood Moon and the Hunter Moon. Providence, RI. 2013-2014.

ISLANDS, performance duo with artist Jason Curzake; beach-inspired performances in Boston, Providence, and Puerto Rico. 2012-2015.

Las Tenoras, Latina feminist poetry collective; co-founder alongside poets Sussy Santana and Marleny Luna. Poetry & performance. Providence, RI. 2012-2013.

Festival de la Palabra, in San Juan Puerto Rico; part of the founding team. Brought about 120 writers and journalists from all over the work, 60+ bookstore vendors, 24-hr poetry stage, experimental music stage, kids pavillion, interactive pavillion, and two weeks of literary programming in a pop up shop in Plaza las Americas, the largest mall in the Caribbean. This team took over the Casa Museo Concha Melendez, a small and abandoned museum in San Juan dedicated to the first literary critic in the island and also very influential women in Spanish literary history, Concha Melendez, This space was opened for the community and hosted varied literary-focused programming. San Juan, Puerto Rico. 2010.

Founder of .Crudo, an independent arts and culture magazine focused on contemporary Latin-American art and culture. San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2010.

Literary work featured in several publications, including the first Queer Puerto Rican literary anthology, titled Los otros cuerpos: Antología de temática gay, lésbica y ‘queer’ desde Puerto Rico y su diáspora (“The Other Bodies: Anthology of Gay, Lesbian and Queer Literature from Puerto Rico and its Diaspora”) in 2007 and, recently, Witch Fingers (2014), an anthology of literary work by visual artists, compiled and published by multi-genre artist Xander Marro.


Shey Rivera Rios es artista multidisciplinaria y gestora cultura. Crea instalaciones de medios mixtos, música, poesía, video y performance. Junto al artista Jason Curzake, forma el duo de performance ISLANDS. Junto a Curzake y la artista/poeta Sussy Santana, lanza una serie de performance que incluye alrededor de 30 artistas de diversos medios. Shey también es parte del colectivo de poesía Las Tenoras, junto a las poetas Sussy Santana y Marleny Luna. Shey nació en Puerto Rico en la década de los 80s. Completó un bachillerato doble en Psicología y Sociología en la Universidad de Puerto Rico, recinto de Río Piedras, y cursó la maestría en Medios y Cultura Contemporánea de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Su trabajo ha sido parte de varias publicaciones, incluyendo la primera antología literaria queer en Puerto Rico titulada Los otros cuerpos: Antología de temática gay, lesbica y “queer” desde Puerto Rico y su diáspora (2007) y recientemente Witch Fingers (2014), antología de literatura por artistas visuales compilada y publicada por la artista multi-disciplinaria Xander Marro. También es la fundadora de .Crudo, una revista digital enfocada en la expresión artística contemporánea latinoamericana. Rivera se destaca en el manejo de organizaciones artísticas sin fines de lucro; es fiel defensora de los artistas como agentes de cambio en la sociedad y el valor de las organizaciones manejadas por artistas. En el presente es la Directora Artistica de AS220, un centro cultural internacionalmente reconocido, localizado en Providence, RI. Su trabajo ha sido presentado en Puerto Rico, Boston y alrededor de Rhode Island.

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