Art+Culture Management /Community Development 

As an arts manager, Shey Rivera Ríos  focuses on the role of art and culture as a catalyst for social change through community engagement, cross-sector partnerships, and urban renewal. See her BIO here.

NALAC Detroit - Shey Rivera

Speaker // “Queer Undergrounds and Punk Latinx World-Making” panel // AS220 Queer Arts Festival // Providence, RI // June 18, 2016

Speaker // Futuremakers: Art as a Community Development Driver and Community Connector” panel // 6th Annual Community Development Summit // Pittsburgh, PA // May 18, 2016

Speaker // “Who and Where are the FUTUREMAKERS?” panel // FUTUREMAKERS Symposium hosted by Kelly Strayhorn Theater // Pittsburgh, PA // May 17 2016

Keynote Speaker // “Our Powerful Cultural Currents: Strengthening Collaboration” // National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC’s) Regional Workshop // San Antonio, TX // April 28, 2016

Key note Speaker // “Women, Work and Art” Symposium @ New Bedford Museum of Art // New Bedford, MA // April 9, 2016

Moderator and speaker // “AS220 Programs and Community Engagement” panel and “AS220 Co-Directorship” lecture // AS220 Immersion Workshop for Artists/Managers // Providence, RI // April 2016

Speaker // “Neighborhood Equity” panel @ Congress for New Urbanism, New England Chapter // Providence, RI // 2016

Moderator // “AS220 Programs and Community Engagement” panel // AS220 Immersion Workshop for Artists/Managers // Providence, RI // Nov 2015

Speaker // “Social Practice: Creation, Research, Engagement, and Production in Urban Residencies” panel // Alliance of Artist Communities Conference // Providence, RI // Oct 13-16, 2015

Panelist and moderator // “Art and Social Activism” panel @ NALAC’s Regional Workshop // Detroit, MI // June 2015

Lecture // “Cuerpo Volatil: Volatile Body”, performance art lecture and youth workshop // RISD Museum // Providence, RI // Aug 17, 2015

Speaker //Cultivating Collaboration: Live from the Archive” salon discussion and presentation of short film “Mare Nostrum”. Artistic collaboration with Jason Curzake and Erick Armbrust // Providence Atheneum // Providence, RI // March 2015

Presenter // “AS220: Unjuried/Uncensored Artist Community” // Alliance of Artist Communities Conference // Charleston, NC // Oct 2014

Presenter // AS220: Unjuried/Uncensored” // NALAC’s Regional Workshop // Providence, RI // Oct 2014

Presenter // “AS220 and Community Development” // for the Master’s Program in Cultural Agency and Administration of the Humanities Dept at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) // San Juan, Puerto Rico // 2014

Presenter // “AS220: Unjuried/Uncensored” // Department of Fine Arts in Tulane University // New Orleans, Louisiana // 203


Japanese Visual Art Lectures

Shey Rivera "Anime Genius" Symposium

“Anime Genius” Symposium at Philadelphia Mural Arts 2014

What’s Anime Got to Do With It?” Lecture and Workshop hosted by the City of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program. Anime Genius Symposium. February, 21st, 2014.

Video Culture: Database Animals & Japanese Animation – Interactive dialogue as part of the Locally Made series at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum. Nov 2, 2013.

Banzai! Anime as Exorcism – Media Arts Lecture at AS220 Industries. April 2, 2013.



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