La jíbara bruja

“Sedienta”. Filmed at an abandoned church in McKees Rocks, just outside of Pittsburgh. During artist residency at BOOM Concepts. Nov 2016.

“Milk”. Performance and video. 2015. Originally performed at Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts. Filmed at AS220 Media Arts, 2015.

“Vertebra”. Performance and video. 2015. Sparkling to patch up a broken back/spine, as if patching up a wall. In memory of #FreddieGrey, 25 year-old black man, who died from spinal injuries after police arrest. 80% of his spinal cord was severed #policebrutality . I strongly believe that performance art is a powerful vessel for solidarity and mourning. Our bodies process trauma; ritual creates space for reflection. This ritual was originally performed with the assistance of Benjamin Lundberg in front of a live audience at Meredith Stern’s “Craft in Time” exhibit in Providence, RI on May 2015. Filmed at AS220 Media Arts, 2015.