Tres Fases // Installations

Three mixed-media installation works based on multiples. Reflections on Health, Religion, and Finance; and their intersection with colonialism and the individual/collective as commodity.


Wall of Worry

Wall of Worry is a piece where 100 hand-made Guatemalan worry dolls are pinned to the wall. This is a reflection on global investment and finance and how these affect social conditions in developing countries.

Saturnalia Group show. December 2012.
Candita Clayton Gallery. Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
Curated by AS220 Gallery Director and artist Neal Walsh.


El pan de cada día (“Our Daily Bread”)

El pan de cada día is a pedestal piece comprised of a glass apothecary jar, or chalice, holding capsules of psalms cut directly from a bilingual Bible (Spanish/English) and rolled into tiny scroll-like eternity symbols. The chalice sits atop a white pedestal, with a blood-red velvet robe. This is a reflection on prescription, addiction, health, and religion.
“HYDRA” Group show. 2011.
Hera Gallery. Wakefield, Rhode Island.
Curated by AS220 Gallery Director and artist Neal Walsh.

“PRx: Conquista III”

“PRx: Conquista III” delineates a map of Puerto Rico made out of genuine psycho-pharmaceuticals donated by a single individual, my mother. This is a reflection on the government’s decision to create tax incentives for pharmaceutical companies to move into the island and the implications of over-medication. It proposes that the third conquest of the island, my  mother-land, was by pharmaceutical companies.
Curated by artist Rigoberto Quintana.